Follow Your Crazy…Celebrating Helena Bonham Carter & Tim Burton!!!

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I nearly caught the tail-end of a memory in the breeze

Like a thread that has just missed the loophole of a needle


Is what we were


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He grieves

When he should celebrate

Because his shoes no longer fit

Shirt collar too tight

Pants too snug

The world too fast

His perception too broad

Archetypes too confining

Words too feeble

To convey

That he is afforded little comfort

In this space

During the shift

Where he has outgrown

Yet still hasn’t grown enough

He is dying….again

So that he can crawl


Stand firm

Commit to who he is becoming…again

No compass to guide

Only the still, small voice that whispers

Commit to the moment



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trophy wife

There must be some mistake

Surely you could have never believed

That I would accept

Being a pretty picture

Trapped in an ornate frame



My coarse soul

Slickened and refined into blind compliance

The stuff that your ideals are made of

And daily I court freedom

Trading your silk for burlap

When Widows Peak

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The Widow

The aftermath is bittersweet

Sweet…even still

If you will it

There is still life to be lived

When resilience bears your name

The dust has not settled on tomorrow

Or the tomorrows to come

One foot preceding the other


When widows peak

Holding mortality in one hand

She grips promise in the other


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“Our ability to live in peace with each other depends first and foremost on our ability to accept all that is different between us.

I want to get closer to you, but let me be who I am. I welcome you coming closer to me, while respecting who you are.

On our own individual paths we are all looking for the bread, the water, the wind and a dignified life.

And yes, we all cling to love.”

-Idan Raichel-

Follow Your Crazy…Celebrating Your Eclectic SOLE!!!

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